Explore the drylands of Kenya as we follow Madina through her daily routine. Madina, like many of the children here has to collect water that’s often contaminated and not fit for human consumption, yet out of necessity she collects it just to survive. 

The supply of water here is hazardous to consume and is the primary source for several waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, and even typhoid fever. Couple this with the desertification of the land and we now have a people that can no longer support their basic needs for life. 

The land has become inhospitable for food production, which leaves everyone to suffer, but it doesn’t have to be this way! We can restore groundwater absorption in the landscapes design, and we can restore the soil’s ability to grow food through permaculture. We can help, but we need your help.

Help us to sow the seeds of positive change by supporting our international mission. We can all do our part. The HydroReach Project has even helped our cause by donating their water filtration bags for us to distribute to Madina’s village. 

This helps to improve the overall quality of life there, while we raise the funds to build our school.

We will be freely teaching permaculture design, farmer managed natural regeneration, and holistic planned grazing to the underserved communities of Isiolo County in Kenya.

Our school will provide the educational opportunities that these children desperately need, while equipping them with the tools, and resources that will lead to sustainable agricultural and animal husbandry practices in the region, which equates to long term economic security for both our students and their families.

The Isiolo School for Agriculture and General Ecology will be a lifeline to its surrounding community as we work to transform the landscape itself into the lesson that not only teaches, but also sustainably provides for the food and water needs of our students and their families. This allows for the children to get an education that empowers them, instead of them being sent off to fetch contaminated water. 

We can change their lives, but we need your help. Your donation supports our life saving work. All gifts are tax-deductible. 501c3 nonprofit organization. Please make your donation today

See the latest from our group in Kenya, along with a video about climate change and its effects here.

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