Whether a mountain of trash or a figurative mountain of hurdles, a community must stand united to face the issues of today.

We have a great deal of privilege here in the first world because of the infrastructure we’ve developed since the industrial revolution, yet not every nation has been so blessed.

In fact, much of the underdeveloped world has yet to transform their societies from an agrarian economy to one that embraces mass manufacturing, which at this point may be the very thing that has kept us below the climatic tipping point of 1.5 ° globally.

It is not going to stay this way, nor should it. The global imbalance that has been, it cannot continue, or it will cost us our planet.

To stay below this tipping point, we must prevent new industrial revolutions from occurring that incorporate the dirty fossil methods that got us to where we are today.

We must intervene by investing in our neighboring countries clean and green futures before they take matters into their own hands in a not so green way, just as our society did not too long ago.

If there is one quality that each of us humans share, it is our desire to better ourselves and to improve our communities.

We’ve learned quite a bit in our pursuit of a higher standard of living and being so accomplished, it is only right that we help our friends and neighbors to leverage the same resources and infrastructure that we have at our disposal.

We must embrace global equality before it’s too late and support the efforts that are making a difference. We have to restore the balance between people and planet, and this can only come from a planet full of people that are working together to make it a better place for all of us.

We have to create and embrace a global culture of environmental stewardship that extends beyond political lines and through geographic boundaries.

A culture that embraces and cultivates the love for earth in each of us and then carries this conviction into action through a network of people across the globe. Let’s the change the world, one EcoServant at a time.

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