Life without wetlands is a desert without Life

Become a Wetland Warrior for the Ecological Servants Project and help us to maintain the biodiversity of the world’s wetlands. We invite every EcoServant around the world to join us in our efforts. 

Wetlands come in a variety of shapes and even more sizes, but they all can ultimately be categorized in one of a few ways: as a swamp, a marsh, a bog or a fen.

Wetlands serve as the ultimate host for life and so should be treated. Nearly 200 species of fish are wetland dependent along with another 150 species of birds that directly depend on the wetlands for their survival. 

Rather it be a coastal wetland, like the Ballona Wetlands or a Congolian Swamp Forest, all wetlands are teeming with life and benefit from the efforts of both individuals and groups that identify as Ecological Servants.

Wetlands are important for a multitude of reasons and provide a number of ecological, economic, and social benefits.

Ecological Benefits:
Wetlands provide critical habitat for many species of plants and animals, including many threatened and endangered species.

  • They filter pollutants and excess nutrients from surface water, helping to improve water quality.                                                               
  • Wetlands act as natural flood control systems, helping to reduce the impact of flooding on communities.

Economic Benefits:
Wetlands provide important resources, such as timber, fish, and other natural products.

They support agriculture and forestry by providing irrigation and protecting soil from erosion.

Wetlands can also be used for recreation, such as birdwatching and fishing, which can provide economic benefits to local communities.

Social Benefits:                                                                        Wetlands provide important cultural and recreational opportunities for communities.

They can also have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Overall, wetlands play a vital role in maintaining the health and function of the environment, and they provide many benefits to humans and wildlife alike.

Ready to help? Please email us at: volunteer@ecoservantsproject.org 

Join us on Feb 2nd at the Del Rey Lagoon, Playa Del Rey, CA.