Ecological Servants Project

Protecting and Preserving the Planet

Our mission is to deepen environmental awareness and promote lasting stewardship of our planet.

With the unwavering commitment of our EcoServants®, we empower schools and communities with essential knowledge and tools for sustainable living.

We are dedicated to enhancing education and fostering active participation, aiming to safeguard and preserve our vibrant oceans and lush environments for future generations.









We Are The Solution To Pollution

The time to take action for our planet is NOW; you have the power to be the change it desperately needs!

Envision a world where thriving lush forests, crystal-clear flowing waters, and flourishing endangered species become a reality.

Our critical vision is to preserve our planet and protect our future inhabitants for generations.

This vision is ignited by EcoServants, united in purpose.

The Ecological Servants Project champions sustainability, conservation, and global environmental justice. This involves safeguarding endangered species and their habitats, minimizing carbon footprints, advocating for sustainable practices, and addressing challenges such as desertification, ocean pollution, and climate change.

We are committed to inspiring communities to take action through our highly successful litter clean-up campaigns. These initiatives empower individuals to preserve the beauty of our natural world, bringing us one step closer to the envisioned future of sustainability.

Impact Beyond Measure

Your efforts as an EcoServant directly impact the health of our planet. Every action you take contributes to tangible change.

Global Community

Connect with fellow volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Together, we amplify our voices and resources for maximum positive influence.

Meaningful Experiences

Imagine engaging in community service or participating in litter cleanups. By sharing these experiences, you’ll inspire others to become part of our mission.

Lasting Legacy

By protecting our planet today, we secure a thriving and livable Earth for the future.

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Together, let’s work towards ending environmental

pollution and becoming the driving force that our planet


“Great things are happening in California: Cigarette litter recycling receptacles are being installed by Ecological Servants Project”

- Keep America Beautiful

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82,018 lbs of debris collected since 2020

823 volunteers served since 2020

6,362 lbs of debris recycled since 2020

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