Contributing to the Difference
We Serve the Earth

We’re here to build an international culture that is rich in community and wise in its approach to the environment. This culture is not drawn on geographical boundaries nor is it mediated through political lines, but instead is directed by the actions of our EcoServants; an aspiring group of human beings who are driven by their concern for our planet.

Your generous contribution directly funds our ability to provide our programs and services to the world. From educating the youth in rural Kenya to cleaning up the roadside rubbish here in the United States, your donation funds our ability to make a difference.

Please be an Eco Hero!
World Wetlands Day

Join our cleanup celebration on 02/02 for World Wetlands Day at the Del Rey Lagoon.
Public Cleanup Event.

Earth Day Venice Beach

Join our annual celebration and cleanup of Venice Beach on 04/22 for Earth Day. Everyone is welcome.
Public Cleanup Event.


EcoServants care for the greater good of our planet. They’re dedicated to real world solutions with the dedication to save the environment.

Let’s be the solution that ends environmental pollution… Let’s be the force that our planet needs.