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Fed up with seeing litter on your daily commute?

It’s time to take action and transform your community. Join the EcoServants Adopt-A-Highway team and help keep our roads pristine and beautiful.

As a volunteer, you’ll collaborate with a passionate group of ecoservants dedicated to protecting the environment and fostering a healthier community.

This opportunity is open to individuals aged 18 and over. Don’t hesitate—sign up today and become a part of the solution.

(AAH) Adopt-A-Highway

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Show your support as EcoServants in the battle against cigarette litter.

Our Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP) plays a crucial role in recycling the microplastics found in cigarette butts. These cleanups are vital for removing this persistent waste from city streets, promoting a cleaner, healthier community, and ensuring a more sustainable future.

This unique opportunity is open to individuals aged 13 and up who are eager to make a positive impact. Let’s come together to create a cleaner, greener world.

(CLPP) Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Community Service

Looking to fulfill community service hours?

Look no further! Join our team of EcoServants and make a significant impact in your community. From cleaning up parking lots and sidewalks to participating in highway cleanups (for volunteers 18+), we offer a variety of opportunities to get involved.

This is your chance to complete your service requirements while giving back to your community and making a positive difference. Volunteers must be 16 years or older.

Don’t miss out—join us today!

Community Service Program

Corporate Cleanup Network

We can seamlessly host your upcoming volunteer day, allowing us to join forces and make a positive impact on our planet!

Following your cleanup event, your company will receive a comprehensive CSR Impact Report and an event video, providing you with the data needed to measure your meaningful involvement.

As a special thank you, event sponsors will be recognized on our website, highlighting your support for the EcoServants® Project and our beloved Mother Earth.

Ready to get involved? Please fill out our Partner Inquiry form.

(CCN) Corporate Cleanup Network

Young Environmentalists Program

At EcoServants, we are dedicated to educating and inspiring youth about the importance of environmental stewardship, recycling, sustainability, and more.

Through our engaging and educational activities, we aim to empower the next generation of environmental leaders.

By supporting EcoSprouts™ and the Young Environmentalists Program, you are investing in the development of future leaders and promoting a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Join us in our mission to create a brighter, greener future for all.

EcoSprouts™ (YEP) Young Environmentalists Program

Global Impact Network

Our Global Impact Network program is dedicated to protecting natural resources in third-world countries and promoting sustainability through innovative initiatives.

Our goal is to provide clean water filtration bags and Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) to communities in need and restore wildlife and crops while promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

With support from government, community, and funding sectors, we aim to foster environmental stewardship for a greener, more sustainable future.

Join us in preserving our planet’s natural beauty and creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

EcoServants® Global Impact Network

Wetland Warriors

Join the Wetland Warriors and play a crucial role in preserving our planet’s precious wetlands. These unique ecosystems provide numerous benefits, including water purification, flood control, and vital habitats for countless plant and animal species.

By becoming part of our global movement, you’ll make a meaningful contribution to the environment and help safeguard these critical habitats for future generations.

Together, we can protect our planet’s natural wonders and ensure a brighter, more sustainable future.

Wetland Warriors

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